Three Popular Kitchen Countertop Options

Have you already decided what material to choose among the many kitchen countertop options?

Kitchen countertops are where you put your kitchen appliances and it is also where you prepare food. Aside from that, it also affects the overall look of your kitchen. So when you design the room, make sure that the countertop also complements with the color and style to give a perfect look.

Laminate kitchen counterThere are many types of kitchen countertop materials that you can choose from. And if you still aren’t sure of which one to choose, here are three of the most popular kitchen countertop options today that you can select. Get to know these choices so you can then have something to put on your countertop.

Great Kitchen Countertop Choices

1. Laminate

The laminate is the most popular among the many kitchen countertop materials. It is made of plywood and a fibreboard, and the surface is made of this plastic laminate. This countertop material is durable and water resistant. There is also a wide variety of colors and textures that you can select. The laminate is also resistant to most stains and can be easily cleaned with soap and water. Another thing about the laminate countertops is that they are inexpensive. Take note though, that the laminate material is prone to scratches and cannot be used for chopping. It is also not heat resistant, so you cannot put hot pots directly on it.

Granite kitchen counter top2. Granite

One very attracting property of the granite is that the stone gives a stylish and elegant design. The granite is well suited for baking and rolling doughs. The granite countertops are resistant to both water and heat, which means that pots and pans that come right from the stove can be put directly on it. Alcohol, oil, and stains can easily be cleaned on this type of surface. This type of material is highly functional and they also look aesthetically good. Granites are quite expensive though and if you use the surface for chopping, it may dull your knife.

3. Quartz

Quartz kitchen counter topAlso called engineered stone, the quartz gives you a strong and durable kitchen countertop. It is made of 93% natural quartz and the 7% of the material is made of resin pigments and binders. With its durable property, quartz kitchen countertops and resistant to scratch and cracks. It can also stand from heat, mildew, and molds. This type of counter is very hygienic, and you can choose for a variety of looks and colors. On quartz countertops, tough, seams are visible. They are also a very heavy material and must be installed by a professional to ensure the proper placement and durability of the material.

Great Choices for Your Kitchen

Your countertop is one of the biggest investments that you put in your kitchen, so choose which among the options of material you should be using. You can also check out Floform countertops for the best countertop options. Check on the pros and cons of every material and decide which is functional for your kitchen needs that also complements with the overall look of your kitchen. Make your choice practical and worth the price.