List of Housekeeping Jobs

With today’s busy lives, more and more people are opting for commercial cleaning companies. These companies have employees providing a wide range of services. The employees typically earn from 15 to 30 dollars per hour. The range of housekeeping jobs include:

Bed Maker

Bedders or Bed Makers are assigned the duties of making beds. They may be employed in hotels and hospitals as well as residences. They change sheets and linens and may clean the bedrooms also.

Chimney Sweep

A chimney sweep is responsible for cleaning the ash from the chimneys and their maintenance. Creosote and soot may get deposited inside the chimneys that prevent proper ventilation and impair chimney functioning. Due to this, the chimneys require timely cleaning, especially in large premises.

Properly done housekeeping services at homeCleaner

Cleaners clean residential or commercial buildings or offices. They may specialize in certain tasks, such as bond cleaning, carpet cleaning or window cleaning. They generally clean offices before or after working hours and at homes during the day when the people are away at work.


A cloth-launderer is responsible for washing of clothes or laundry. They collect dirty clothes and bed sheets, clean and fold them, and place them in the closets or wardrobes. They are employed in hotels and residential premises.


Handyman is assigned the tasks related to regular maintenance and small repairs. Their work includes fixing leaking pipes, clearing drain blockages, maintenance, and replacement of electrical fixtures and other small-scale repair work.

Domestic help or worker

A domestic worker is employed to help with a number of household chores. These chores include cleaning, cooking, laundry services as well as taking care of children and elderly people. They may either be employed part time or may work full time.

Floor cleaning

Floor cleaners specialize in cleaning the floors. The cleaning method may be dry, warm or wet. In large commercial complexes and malls, they may employ automated machinery.


In big homes and buildings, a large staff may be employed for various tasks related to cleaning. To co-ordinate and supervise the staff, a housekeeper or supervisor may be assigned.


Janitors are generally employed in schools and hospitals. They are assigned the cleaning task though sometimes, they may be required to perform maintenance duties as well.

Lawn technician

Lawn maintenance services are handled by lawn technicians. These include mowing, edging, tending to the plants and shrubs, weed removal, watering, fertilizing and also blowing fallen leaves off driveways and paths. These technicians ensure that a lawn remains in a healthy state at all times.

Pest Technician

Their services are requested when there is a pest or rodent infestation in the premises. They are familiar with the pest control techniques and ensure the removal of infestation as well as reducing the risk of a re-infestation.

Restroom Attendants

The responsibility of cleaning and sanitization of restroom and washrooms lies with restroom attendants. They also take care of refurbishing the restroom supplies, such as toilet papers, towels, and soaps.

Street Sweeper

Street sweepers take care of cleaning the streets. They are employed in urban areas or where there are paved or concrete roads. They make use of automobile-mounted equipment to vacuum clean the roads.

Swimming pool Technician

The cleaning and maintenance of swimming pools are undertaken by pool service technicians. They also service and maintain pumps and filters used for swimming pools.

Waste Collector

Removal of residential and industrial waste is done by waste collectors. They make use of specialized equipment to collect and transport waste and debris.

Besides the above, there may be other types of jobs designated as per the demand of the client or a local area, such as snow removal. Commercial cleaning companies provide in-house training to their employees and supervise them to ensure client satisfaction.