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Christmas decor

Christmas Decorations

As every year from the beginning of December our cities are lit up for the party. Illuminations of all shapes and sizes decorate the various streets of the center and large Christmas trees and ice skating rings appear in all the main squares. All this announces that Christmas is approaching, the party par excellence, the …

Ideas for low cost renovations and decor

Low Cost Decoration

Today’s post is all about color and decoration, but above all brilliant and original ideas to decorate your home in a low cost way and transform every room into an instagrammable space ! You know those breathtaking images that you find on Pinterest or Instagram and wonder how it is possible that someone has such …

Furniture styles

Furniture Styles

Do you want an elegant home or do you prefer it informal? Do you prefer wood or marble? Light or dark colors? Here’s how to find your way around coordinated and personalized environments. Industrial, oriental, classic, contemporary, these are just some of the furnishing styles presented lately on fashion fairs dedicated to interior decoration, design …