Choosing among the different styles of furniture the one that best suits your idea of ​​home can be frustrating and turn into a real business. You have leafed through mountains of furniture magazines and blogs, captivated and seduced by the infinite possibilities of interior design. You asked your family and friends for advice. You like it, it's exciting, but how much effort?

Being inspired by photos of beautiful, almost perfect houses is useful, but recreating the same atmosphere and furnishing your home is another thing entirely. This is why we have decided to offer you 3 styles of furniture, to better guide you in your choice and understand how to recreate the perfect environment in which to live.

Decor styles: What's in interior décor images that fascinates you? Have you ever asked it to yourself? Furniture is a personal and very intimate choice . In those photos there are details, shapes and colors capable of awakening in you a sense of pleasure and well-being. I can make you feel at home. To recreate the same feeling and transport it into your reality, today we focus on 3 styles of furniture, trying to explain the colors and emotions that could fascinate you.

Modern (and contemporary) style

Modern home decor

Two words that express the modern style in the collective imagination? Elegant and trendy. The modern style favors clean lines in a simple and fresh monochromatic color table, dictated by the use of materials such as metal, glass, leather and steel.

Each element of modern design expresses essentiality and functionality, recreating a reassuring environment. Modern furniture recalls a style born in the early 1900s that marked a decisive break from traditional shapes, devoted to the use of dark wood and decorative carvings. This change led to a bolder design capable of mixing with other styles.

Today, you can find many reproductions of furniture designed in a modern style and you could contaminate a contemporary environment making it even more original.

The contemporary style is devoted to the concept of "here and now". It is difficult to enclose it within well-defined boundaries, because it is not too enveloping, nor warm, but not even minimalist: it reflects your being “now”, and is well represented by neutral design elements with smooth and elegant surfaces.

Bright, essential and capable of reflecting all your energy, the contemporary style is a blank canvas that can blend with other more retro interior design elements, such as the Art Deco style.

While they are different, modern and contemporary furniture are often used interchangeably, and can be the perfect choice to furnish your home with elegance.

What separates them is the sinuosity of the curves, which are not contemplated in modern design. However, they are two styles capable of accommodating the varying of your tastes, adapting with elements of different shapes, without upsetting your home.

Industrial style

Industrial home decor

Imagine an eclectic style, able to adapt to any place, never banal and proud to show its nature: this is industrial furniture.

Rough surfaces marked by time, chrome finishes in contrast with elements in anthracite shades. Corten steel inserts to recall a rust effect, which evokes the urban sheds or lofts that inspire the industrial style.

Versatility is the feature that has made this style popular both in domestic environments and in the layouts of shops and public places. Huge suspended chandeliers and, in the background, walls of rough concrete or exposed brick. Elements in wood and iron mix with each other and do not reject abstract works of art, in bright colors, which emerge and strike the eye.

An iconic and inspirational home decor, raw, unfinished, with functional furniture adapted to your needs, to recreate the “factory” effect: incredibly simple and fascinating.

Over time, the industrial style reveals more and more its raw soul, thanks to the combinations with exquisitely sincere and evocative vintage furniture. The vintage decor gives the experience a step back in time and integrates seamlessly with the industrial style, with its recycled objects such fascinating and timeless.

The vintage elements, which have survived time, are perfect in an industrial furnishing context and recreate original atmospheres with an echo from the past.

Scandinavian style

Scandinavian home decor

The Scandinavian style combines simplicity, functionality and clean geometric shapes, without formalisms. Choosing a Scandinavian style means seeking brightness and denying the constraint of oppressive rules.

White walls, elements with a color palette that collects the neutral and natural textures of wood and stone, design an elegant and minimalist environment .

Scandinavian furniture was born in Northern European countries, where the search for a warm and carefree core stands out in a marked way. Bare wood floors, exposed brick walls painted in white, and modern design elements create an environment that inspires order, concreteness and harmony. Interior décor with this style conveys a sense of well-being that reassures.

The combinations and references to the modern style allow the integration of elements with glossy or reflective surfaces, which combine with each other with natural continuity.

Furniture styles: recreate the atmospheres that inspire your emotions Elegant and refined, rough and marked by time, or simple and informal, the furniture style reflects your personality and your emotions. Colors, shapes and materials combine together to search for the sensation that best resonates within you: this is what fascinates and involves you when you imagine your home browsing through magazines and blogs.

Now, you can continue to imagine, or you can start designing your home with us: check out our expert tips to find the style that best suits your ideas.