How to decorate the house in winter to make it warm and welcoming like a mountain cabin

December took us by surprise with its cold temperatures and its gray days that make outdoor excursions little appreciated. In fact, winter is the best time to live at home because it combines warm evenings on the sofa and home dinners with friends or relatives. Consequently, you have to prepare yourself as best you can to face these long cold months in a pleasant way, keeping a good mood. Here are some tips for decorating your home in winter inspired by warm mountain huts.

How to Make Your Living Room Cozy During the Winter

Winter living room decor

Lots of soft cushions, enveloping plaids and useful accessories are all you need to make the furniture warm and welcoming. Trendy colors are inspired by nature and relaxation. Beige, gray and ivory are the predominant colors this winter because they make the atmosphere very relaxing. A shaggy rug under the coffee table will pamper your feet with its softness while the cushions and the wool throw will make your sofa irresistible.

These are the winning ingredients for pleasant and relaxing movie nights. To decorate your cabin-style living room, you will also need to give a completely new look to the coffee table. The “must have” for this winter are the myrtle seedlings, dried fruit to diffuse a delicate scent in the environment and candles that help make the house more welcoming.

A Cup of Tea to Regenerate the Body

cup of lemon tea

To make your winter evenings more pleasant, it is not enough just to decorate the house, you will also need a hot drink to warm the cold body. Tea with ginger, honey and lemon is a cure-all for seasonal ailments because, in addition to having a delicious taste, it helps fight the symptoms of flu and colds. In fact, each of these ingredients has very valuable healing properties.

Ginger warms and has anti-inflammatory properties. Thanks to its high content of vitamin C and B1, lemon has antioxidant properties. Honey, in turn, has a strong antibacterial power.

All of these ingredients then stimulate the immune system and keep us safe from viruses and bacteria.In addition, green tea, ginger, honey and lemon give a strong charge of energy and vitality essential in these gray and cold days. Here are the ingredients to prepare this delicious infusion:

  • one or two slices of ginger to be used whole or chopped if you prefer to obtain a more “spicy” flavor
  • lemon juice and a few slices for garnish
  • 1 or 2 teaspoons of honey to taste
  • green tea

Boil the water in a saucepan and add the sliced ​​or grated ginger. Boil it for a few minutes, then remove it from the heat and let it cool for 8 minutes. Then pour the water into the glass with the green tea and leave it to infuse for 5 minutes. Finally, add some lemon juice and sweeten to taste with honey. If you like, you can also add a pinch of cinnamon and a few slices of lemon to decorate everything.

How to Decorate the Bedroom in Winter

luxury bedroom design

To prepare you for a long winter we could not neglect some precious advice on how to make a bedroom cozy. To preserve your health and keep fit even during the winter you should sleep with a constant temperature of 19 °. We know very well that in the cold months the temptation to turn up the heating is strong but if you follow our advice this will no longer be necessary.

The carefully chosen bed linen will keep you warm. We advise you to cover the mattress with a wool bedspread and to lay a plaid over the duvet or, if you are very cold, even a bedspread. This year the must-have is the maxi blanket in soft wool that you can buy ready-made or make it yourself at home following the numerous tutorials found on the net. The most fashionable beds need to be equipped with accessories.

Then decorate them with lots of pillowslarge that will make it look soft and cozy. The colors to be favored are gray and the beige palette. In the bedroom we do not recommend the use of candles because they are often made with synthetic fragrances and potentially irritating substances. You can replace them with a row of lights hanging from the headboard of the bed. And how about a soft, shaggy mat to make getting out of bed in the morning pleasant?

How to Decorate Windows During the Winter

Winter decorations for the home also focus on windows. The elements that are most associated with this season are the snowflakes and stars that are well suited to decorate your windows in an elegant way and make the home welcoming. Just hang a few rows of white stars along the curtain rod or fix them directly on the window frame with double-sided tape to make the atmosphere magical.

To decorate the window in a country style, you can use rattan balls. The element that is most missing during the winter is natural light.To compensate for dark days, you can hang a row of lights on the window to form a bright curtain. To make the most of the few hours of light during the day, place a comfortable armchair under the window: it will allow you to read a book while enjoying the rays of the sun.