Ideas for decorating your home in the summer, a guide to the perfect decoration

The days that get longer, the sun, the joy and the desire to socialize. Summer is a perfect season to make some small furniture changes in your home. A pillow covered in linen, a mirror, a glass lamp on the table and that’s it. The apartment is like new, ready for the best days of the year.

Making some changes is not complicated at all and does not require excessive expenditure either. Interior designers offer some tips to freshen up the house and give it new polish for the summer. Take advantage of the advice and adapt it to your needs, tastes and inclinations. And most importantly, enjoy your home in these hot months.

Lightweight fabrics and plant fibers to avoid heat

The cotton and linen will be your greatest allies this summer. This type of plant fibers not only bring a touch of naturalness to the room, but also create a fresh and suitable environment for this time of year. The lightness of these fabrics will help you not die of heat in high temperatures.

These and other materials, such as wicker, perform well on accessories such as cushions or rugs, as well as magazine racks, curtains, sheets, sofa blankets (a ‘must’ for living with animals) and even chairs. Combine them in pastel shades that recall summer, so that the essence of the season is present in every corner of the room.

light wood decor

Light and natural wood

The wood, in light shades, makes the room seem brighter. If the materials are not treated, even better, so you can admire all the beauty of the material in its pure state.

This material is suitable for large furniture such as dining tables or cabinets. A light wood table, for example, can be left uncovered in the summer to cool the environment. While in winter, if you are looking for something more sober, you can cover it with a centerpiece that goes well with your decor.

Other recommended options include the washed wood console table and a combination of wood plank and iron legs. The former can be used in an interior or even on a terrace; the second will be useful whatever the decoration of your home.

Soft colors, prints and plants to refresh the space

It is not necessary to use white to get the effect of a cool room. But it is still a good resource because it lights up a room, conveys tranquility and can be combined with any other color; but if you don’t like it, don’t worry, there are other options.

Use soft, pastel colors. Blue and green are a guarantee, but also pink or beige. Combine this palette with floral or animal prints and insert indoor plants with bright green leaves to make them stand out and give a vivid effect to the room.

Soft pastel colours

Furniture with glass and mirrors

The glass is a material that helps to give amplitude and light to the space. In addition, it also provides lightness and dynamism to the environment, two characteristics that go hand in hand with summer.

Small tables , mirrors , lamps or vases ; any decoration or accessory is useful for giving liveliness and versatility to any space in the house, as well as breaking up a sober atmosphere. Of course, don’t fill the whole house with glass or it will make the room too cold and you may even feel uncomfortable between reflection and transparency.

Free your imagination

Summer is synonymous with joy, debauchery and fun, why can’t your home be the same? Let yourself go and create unique places that give off that freshness and originality of summer.

Enter the small details of ethnic decoration, Mediterranean or impattino color with the surrounding environment. This will make your living room full of vitality on all four sides and have fun thinking and creating your perfect decoration.

Bright summer decor

“Less is more”

The traditional phrase “less is more” is a rule that cannot be forgotten in the summer. It’s very hot right now; the more we fill the room with objects, the more difficult it will be for air to pass through and cool the premises .

Free space, especially those rooms that you use to rest, disconnect or spend your free time. With this you will reduce the visual load and will be more comfortable and relaxed, which will lead you to enjoy more and better time.