Do you want an elegant home or do you prefer it informal? Do you prefer wood or marble? Light or dark colors? Here’s how to find your way around coordinated and personalized environments.

Industrial, oriental, classic, contemporary, these are just some of the furnishing styles presented lately on fashion fairs dedicated to interior decoration, design and furniture.

Decor styles

Six collections for the Autumn-Winter season, each of which identifies a style of furniture, declined in every room of the house, to really satisfy everyone’s needs. Without forgetting attention to the environment and respect for nature.


Inspired by Japan, this collection features natural materials such as bamboo, rush and carved wood. The fabrics are velvet, linen and brushed cotton, brick red and terracotta predominate in the colors, which are combined with verdigris with touches of black.

In the Woods

Industrial furniture style

Just like a walk in the woods, these interiors invite us to switch off. Soft and clear colors, traditional materials in the center, all of natural origin (wood, raffia, glass). Simplicity is a must, but the finishes are super chic, like the carved wood and embroidered fabrics.


A chic and discreet universe, very elegant, where Art Deco inspiration and refined floral motifs flank more modern furniture with essential shapes. Noble materials are obligatory, from brass, to marble, to smoked glass and for the colors green and yellow prevail with touches of pink and blue shades.

Urban Mood

Urban scandinavian style

True evergreen, the Scandinavian style is reinterpreted in a feminine, urban and modern key. As in a makeup bag, pink is declined in various shades, from pale powder to satin plum, beige, deep blue and gray complete the palette.


The classic codes of this style are reinterpreted with a color palette entirely played on shades of blue, with a few touches of green and illuminated by the gleams of silver. The soft shapes, the ceramics, the wools and the faux furs contribute to making the warm and welcoming atmosphere, typical of winter.


Intertwined leathers, metal, light wood, velvet and smoked glass are the materials that characterize this mood, together with the geometric patterns. In the colors, contrast reigns supreme: yellows and browns share the spotlight with black, shades of beige and ecru give a veil of delicacy.

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