Today’s post is all about color and decoration, but above all brilliant and original ideas to decorate your home in a low cost way and transform every room into an instagrammable space !

You know those breathtaking images that you find on Pinterest or Instagram and wonder how it is possible that someone has such a photogenic home? But how did they do it? Well, the trick is there and it’s all in the decoration and furnishings! Ready? Here we go!

Let’s start with the walls

Wall paint

A little paint is enough to turn your home into a work of art. Pastel colors are in fashion now, they give a nice feeling of endless summer. Cream, pink, light blue, mint green are all colors that give your home a whole new touch.

You can also play a lot with the furniture-wall contrast. And you don’t need to be a painting professional. The half-painted wall effect is great, but it’s actually a few brushes here and there. And then there are wall paint rollers that include a print of your choice, just like these. A real walk on the walls!

And we want to talk about the wallpaper of all time? With many different and varied motifs, even for the most daring. By the way, read our post on how to decorate the walls of the house .

The wallpaper is always a good option, especially if you give a twist to the house without changing or moving furniture. Choose the motif that best matches the rest of the decor, so the wow effect is guaranteed!

And don’t forget the importance of the paintings on the walls of the house. Besides being something that gives personality to the environment, they are also an excellent idea to decorate without spending too much or trying your hand at painting.

From the walls… to the floor!

Floor Decor

Don’t feel like changing the color of the walls? Why not change the floor a little, then? These mosaic ideas will blow your mind (of color)!

You won’t believe it, but they are rugs that mimic plumbing tiles! Exact!!! They look like tiles, but they are not. So, choose the one you like best and in which room to put it, because it will only take a few minutes to lay it on the ground and have a floor to leave everyone speechless!

And how about painting the ceiling a little? Maybe that of the children’s room, think that they will be happy to play in such a room!

What is missing? Mmm … let’s see, the walls are there, the ceilings too, the floor and how beautiful, the windows are missing!!! The glass also wants its part and, in this case, a little color. Here too, colored paper comes to our rescue.

Did you also find inspiration for your cottage? And, if you are lacking ideas to decorate your home, check out our blog, all beautiful and very modern, perfect with pastel colors that are in the latest fashion.

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