Start With A Favourite

Creating a home colour palette can make decorating your home so much easier. It can help you find colours that coordinate with your hard finishes (flooring, trim and cabinets) and help tie your decor together.

Start by choosing a bold colour to serve as your accent. Then select a shade or tint of your bold colour that will act as your neutral. You might choose a grey like Nimbus Gray by Benjamin Moore or Farrow & Ball Cromarty, which both read as neutral but have blue undertones that can create a really calming space.

Look At Your Wardrobe

Creating a home colour palette is about more than just choosing paint colours. A whole home colour palette helps guide all your decorating choices, from fabrics to wood furniture and finishes for things like flooring and doors. It also helps to create a flow between rooms that allows you to use the same colours throughout your home without it looking like a jumble of random choices.

A good place to start is by looking at the colours in your wardrobe, or even better a vision board you’ve put together. This will help you identify your favourite colours and what styles they fit into.

Look At What’s Already There

Whether you are planning to paint your whole house or just one room, it’s important to create a home color palette to guide the project. This will ensure that the different rooms ties together nicely, even if they have a very different style.

You can also look at your flooring and furniture to help you determine what colors to choose. For example, if your hardwood is a light brown shade that has golden hues in it then you may want to choose a color scheme that reflects this.


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