The UK government has recently announced its plan to ‘live with Covid’ in England. Which has meant significant easing of restrictions, and in some cases, removing remaining restrictions. With around 73% (49.2 million) people considered ‘fully vaccinated’ in the UK, this has allowed the travel industry to get back on its feet, as well as allowing passengers to resume vacationing.

With spring and summer breaks around the corner, many brits will be eager to travel to make the most of the restrictions easing. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the current travel rules, for vaccinated and unvaccinated travellers to ensure a safe, smooth-sailing experience.

What Is Considered “Fully Vaccinated”?


When travelling to England, to be considered as a ‘fully vaccinated’ passenger, you must have had 2 doses of a 2-dose vaccine. You should have had your final dose at least 14 days before you plan to travel to England.


How Do I Get Proof Of Vaccination Status?


In order to travel, you will be asked to show verified proof of your vaccinated status, to prove that you have had two doses of a vaccine. You can do this by downloading the ‘NHS COVID PASS England’ app which will show you which vaccine you received, when you received it and how many doses.

If you are unable to obtain digital proof of vaccine status, you can request this in letter format instead and take this documentation with you when you travel. This will contain the same information as the app.


Rules For Vaccinated Travellers


  • Complete a passenger locator form before travelling to England
  • Must be able to provide proof of vaccination status
  • Do not need to carry out any covid travel tests before or after arrival
  • Do not need to quarantine


Rules For Unvaccinated Travellers


  • Complete a passenger locator form before travelling
  • Take a fit to fly test Croydon before you travel
  • Pay for a PCR test to be taken after your arrival
  • Ensure PCR booking reference is shown on locator form

Checking Rules In Other Countries


Wherever you are travelling to, you should always ensure that you have checked the country’s current covid rules and guidance, as well as travel advice. You can find out this information by visiting ‘Foreign Travel Advice’ via the government website.

By keeping up to date with changes at your destination, it will keep you prepared for any changes that may occur as well as being prepared to bring the correct travel documents, carry out the correct testing beforehand and organise any testing afterwards.




As rules and guidance are ever-changing and as England plans to scrap covid restrictions in order to live with the virus, it is crucial that you are aware of any changes that occur. Especially if you are planning to fly this year, you should be aware of what is required from you to do so. Whether you are vaccinated or unvaccinated, everyone plays a role in stopping the spread of coronavirus and it is encouraged to keep yourself and others safe whilst travelling to another location.


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