Wall Gallery


An easy way to change up your home décor, is to make use of a plain wall by creating a wall gallery. This is a simple but effective way of redecorating a room in your home. You can make the wall gallery personal, by including pictures of family, friends, pets etc. or you could hang pictures drawn by your favourite artists. Others many decide to hang random pictures that go with the colour scheme of the room. The wall gallery can be as bold or as simple as you like and can add an effective touch to your home décor.


Be Bold


If you are looking to change up your home, go bold. Adding a bold/bright colour to any room can be an easy change but will stand out and speak for itself. Often, using colour in a hallway is a popular choice to make the entrance to the house stand out. Bold colours are fun to work with and can change the look of your décor.


Create Colour Contrasts


Adding contrasting colours to the same room is a popular method used by designers to make a room stand out more than others. Using contrasting colours makes a room ‘pop’ and conveys many characteristics. Some examples of contrast colours are red and green, yellow and purple, orange and blue.

Use A Rug


Take full advantage of the gorgeous rugs that are available on the market. Adding a rug with patterns, bold colours or textures can change the look of a room. Especially when installing bigger rugs, you can use this as your main attraction, whilst keeping everything else simple and chic.


Faux Fur


When a space is clean, modern and neat, it is important to add something to bring back its cosiness and texture to add warmth. Adding a faux fur throw can do just that. By hanging the throw over the bed, sofa or chair it can bring back the warmth to a room that is minimalistic and clean. This is especially beneficial for rooms that are white and cream as these colours can easily wash out a room.

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